We specialize in Custom Cable Assemblies to your specifications

Prototype to Production

We offer a diverse selection of different cables from Firewire, Fiber optics, Mouse, Monitor, Printer, USB, Switchboxes, Network Hubs, Panels. At Denco we are committed to your complete satisfaction. With 15 years of Custom Cable building we know what we are doing. We can quote your cables fast and build them with quality. We offer all kinds of services like assembly work, autocadding, cables, harness assemblies, machine shop, pc boards, special purchasing, sheet metal shop. 100% Quality Product, In-Coming Inspection, Customer First Article, Internal First Article, In-Process Inspection, 100% Electrical Test, 100% Visual Inspection, 100% Final Inspection, Process controls of continuous tracking of work in progress and materials. Our goal is to ship product 100% on time to all customers.

Denco has the equipment to build your cables

The fully-automatic PC-controlled Gamma 333PC Lead Maker can be equipped with up to three processing stations enabling the crimping of both ends of the wire, double-crimp connections with three different contacts, single-ended seal applications, tinning or ink-jet marking. Features include ultra-short conversion times, easy-to-use graphic-based TopWin interface with multiple-language capability, crimp force analyzer with statistical analysis, seal monitoring, and integrated good/bad sorting. The costs of running and acquiring the Gamma 333 PC are incredibly low in relation to the benefits it offers, making this machine ideal for just-in-time production. Thanks to the programmable CNC axes and storable wire and processing parameters, conversion times are minimal, so even small batches can be produced efficiently.


Komax 206 is the all-round model. The cutting machine display greatness when cutting round and flat conductors, hose, PVC strips, various types of foil, paper, textiles, etc. It standouts in delivering maximum flexibility in processing, process control and precision. Rated for high power, the cutting unit performs perfect cuts of stranded wires up to 35mm² in diameter.


Cosmic 927 R strips wide ranges of insulation materials and wire sizes with its rotary head equipped with carbide blades (standard). Its twisting function as well as rotating direction and rotating time changers ensure the versatility crucial for today's diversified stripping.


Find defective or miswired cables instantly before they damage equipment or waste valuable technician time. CableEye cable testers and harness testers have a unique, patented graphic wiring display to visually pinpoint problems when wiring errors are detected, and offer one-second pass/fail testing for production environments. Quickly locate intermittent connections and identify their position in the cable. Expand CableEye up to 1048 test points for large cables and wiring harnesses, and measure cables of up to 1000 feet in length. With our Model M3 cable tester, set two resistance thresholds, one for good connections down to 0.5 ohms, and one for isolation up to 10 Megohms. Measure embedded resistors and resistor networks, and check the orientation of diodes. An on-line database holds an unlimited number of User cables and includes descriptive notes and label text for each cable. Search the database for a wiring match to a measured cable, or by User part number or descriptive text. High-resolution graphic output on laser and ink-jet printers provides the hard-copy documentation necessary for ISO 9000-certified manufacturing. Print labels simultaneously on a second printer as cables are tested.