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Meduna: Copper Induction Coils

    Meduna is a heat treatment plant located in the Czech Republic, providing a multitude of post-processing treatments to alter metal part material properties. They run small batch production for their customers and produce the required tooling in-house. Traditional methods for producing induction hardening tooling (coils) require considerable skill, experience, and knowledge. Meduna initially crafted their induction hardening tooling out of bent copper tubing, which has limitations creating small diameters. Producing repeatable tooling has also been challenging due to the manual forming process.

    3Dwiser, a Markforged value-added reseller, introduced Meduna to the Markforged Metal X system. Meduna was already familiar with FDM plastic 3D printing, so understanding the Metal X process was an easy transition. Printing in pure copper is the ideal material for these tools, due to the material’s high thermal and electrical conductivity, and the Metal X’s ease of use. 3Dwiser was able to print small induction coils, which was not possible through Meduna’s traditional methods and have them successfully harden the required surfaces. Induction coils can be designed with the intricate internal geometries, including tool cooling and part cooling. 3D printed induction coils require less post-processing and produce a more precise and consistent tool. With the Markforged Metal X 3D printer printing in pure copper, Meduna can now accept jobs that they previously could not.

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