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Cabin Management Solutions: In-Flight Entertainment Retrofits

    Cabin Management Solutions (CMS), based in Texas, designs and manufactures cabin management and in-flight entertainment systems for business and private aircraft. CMS is often called upon to replace aging systems due to the OEM legacy vendor being no longer in business, rendering the system impossible to repair. The products CMS designs are housed in multiple enclosures of different size which, if made by conventional means, would make the parts extremely expensive and time-consuming to fabricate.

    Rather than rely on traditional manufacturing solutions, the Cabin Management Solutions team used its Markforged 3D printers to replace low-volume, high-value luxury cabin parts such as in-flight entertainment retrofits. This resulted in lower costs and accelerated lead times, and gave the team the opportunity to electroplate anything that required decorative bezels. The material used was Markforged Onyx FR, a certified UL 94 V-0 rated flame-retardant nylon filled with chopped carbon fiber that is tested in accordance with FAR 25.853.

    “In aerospace, it’s important to have quality parts we can adapt on the fly to make any changes the customer requests.”

    — Jeff Pike, VP of Engineering, CMS