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Consumer Packaged Goods

Increase agility with a modern manufacturing solution

In an industry where every dollar counts, investing in additive manufacturing can do more than almost anything else to move your bottom line. 3D printers provide a cost-effective, rapid way to fabricate functional parts at the point of need. They generate value wherever you deploy them — whether it’s slashing R&D spend on prototypes, helping you tool up without requiring skilled machinist time, or easily mitigating costly downtime. Building an additive-centric culture in your organization will make you more responsive, agile, and enable you to scale revenue without scaling spend.

Learn how RPG industries has used a Metal X System to 3D print replacement automotive parts from 3D scans.

Iterate Better

Prove out new concepts with production-grade parts at a fraction of the cost of traditionally machined parts, empowering engineers and designers to make products that better meet customer requirements. Deload your in house machining capabilities from non revenue generating parts, or eliminate your reliance on external suppliers.

Produce Better

Augment production resources with robust tools and fixtures at the click of a button, with no skilled labor or machine supervision required. Access a comprehensive library of high-performance composites and alloys with unprecedented design freedom to produce the best-performing products to date. Drastically cut your tooling spend and labor outlay while producing higher-performing tools.

Service Better

Turn maintenance into a competitive advantage by providing customers with unparalleled expediency and quality with distributed manufacturing. Mitigate costly downtime with rapid response manufacturing.

Digital Forge for consumer-packaged goods

Caldwell Manufacturing is a global window and door hardware manufacturer, founded in 1888. The team needed a new way to fabricate parts for R&D purposes, but found they could do so much more with the Markforged platform. Find out how Caldwell Manufacturing and over 100+ of the world’s top manufacturers are able to stay current with the Markforged platform.

“It really changes your mindset about how we design, the way we test, the way we validate. It changes the way we put products into production. It’s changed everything.”

Eric Mertz, CEO, Caldwell Manufacturing

High-value consumer packaged goods applications

  • Precise End-of-Arm-Tooling

  • Ergonomic Assembly Fixtures

  • Conformal Workholding

  • Line Tooling -- Brackets, Sensor Mounts, and Cable Management

  • Functional Prototypes

Onyx - Saint Gobain
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