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Certified UL 94 V-0 rated flame-retardant micro carbon fiber filled nylon

Onyx FR is a flame-retardant variant of Onyx designed for use in applications where parts must be non-flammable. The material earned a UL Blue Card, and is considered V-0 (self-extinguishing) at thicknesses greater than or equal to 3mm. It can be reinforced with any Continuous Fiber and is compatible with industrial composite 3D printers.

Now Available with Traceability with Onyx FR-A

New FR-A materials establish lot-level material traceability and pass the test suite necessary for qualification under 14 CFR 25.853 for most 3D-printable parts.

Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fiber FR-A are purpose-built for the requirements of the aerospace, transportation, and automotive industries. Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fiber FR-A as printed on the Markforged X7 are undergoing qualification through the NCAMP process.

  • Weld Fixturing

  • Aerospace Clips & Brackets

  • Laser Marking Fixtures

  • Energy/Electrical Brackets & Fixtures


Markforged Onyx FR


Markforged Onyx FR

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